Just who are these people ECITA?

I’m intrigued about who exactly ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) is and…

Made up of several large electronic cigarette suppliers, self administered, and you can join for a mere 600 a month – what a catch! A catch indeed, run by Katherine Devlin giving out unbiased information about all things e-cigs and e-liquids, unfortunately if you as a company selling e-cigs and you aren’t on this ECITA self administered site, then you just simply aren’t worth bothering with!

The bankers spring to mind all of a sudden hhhmmm….oh yes, they like to rip people off too – who though really wanted to be in their exclusive club, I mean all that stress from day to day, never knowing when you are going to get caught out, is it worth it I ask myself? NO! I also wonder whether they, the bankers, asked themselves the same question and if so, what their answer would be!

And for any company selling electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, e-cigarette accessories and so on, must have more money than sense paying 7200 per year to display ECITA’s logo on your own website! Why, what makes them so special – what do they know that the rest of us don’t? We know we are all waiting with bated breath for this industry to be regulated, perhaps that’s it, once it is regulated, they may be at the forefront of the firing line, so may as well make your money now Ms Devlin!

There isn’t anything on your site other than an exclusive club of already high earning companies, and why are they earning so much, because they make far more money than their products are worth…who did put you in charge by the way? I’d love to call you an inspiration, but having read through the ECITA site, I find no evidence of inspiration, entrepreneur with a lust for money, definitely!

If ECITA are the standard bearers for excellence in the UK Electronic Cigarette market where is the investment in proper clinical trials and research? How many independent expert scientific studies have ECITA funded? Where are the list of Awards for Excellence held by ECITA members? They are more likely to ‘go fly a kite’ than to earn a KITE mark!

Perhaps I have you all wrong Ms Devlin, perhaps you have carried out all the above on the funding you receive from your very own electronic cigarette business and Decadent Vapours, because I’m sure deep down your not all about the “kerching” are you?

In the light of the pharmaceutical industries’ move to protect their NRT market, and employers confused about smoking e-cigarettes, there is an urgent need for the electronic cigarette industry to fight their corner, not just in the UK but Europe and America. If nothing is done, the likelihood is that electronic cigarettes will be ‘banned’ by the FDA and the EU.

Having read through the ECITA website thoroughly, my flabber is absolutely gasted…where is the information, where is the proactive agenda from all your members who pay you so much money and in the course of running their e-cig businesses make so much money, why aren’t you paying for reports, commissioning governing bodies, becoming market experts, awarding certification to those who carry out their duties in this industry will full diligence?

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Wedding Tips That Will Make Your Big Day Easier

If you have a dream wedding in mind, you’re going to have to do a lot of planning to make it reality. Actually, any kind of wedding will take a lot of hard work to create. You don’t have to wander around in the dark, wondering what to do. Here are some great tips from several event planners in lebanon on what to do to have a wedding that’s like a dream come true.

Wedding dress in Torremolinos, 2000

Weddings are one of the more difficult things to plan during the course of your life. Make sure that before your wedding, you are extremely organized so you are in a great position when it comes time to decide on certain questions. This will give you the best opportunity for success.

When you are planning your rehearsal dinner, make sure that it is very intimate, as you will only want to invite members of your family and close friends. This will make things very personal so that you can make toasts that appeal to the people who made a huge impact in your life.

If you’ve been asked to photograph a wedding but are new to the job, your most important task it to create a shot list. Ask the couple what kind of photographs they would like you to take and then make a checklist to guide you through the wedding and ease your stress level.

Sometimes a good wedding tip is to keep it simple! The more detailed and extravagant the more expensive. Sure it is the best moment of your life, but perhaps that money could be better spent on a house, or even the most amazing vacation ever which we colloquially call a honeymoon.

Between your ceremony and your reception there can be a long down-time for your guests. If they can’t be seated at their tables right away, choose a venue that has a bar or lounge available for them to hang out in while they wait for the guests of honor to arrive.

Bridal auteurs can save cash and gain more control in their rehearsal and reception venues by looking for nontraditional locations that can easily accommodate all separate bridal activities in a single place. This makes it easier to decorate and is also ideal for couples whose families will be traveling from out of town to attend.

You should avoid smoking or drinking beer from the bottle while at your own wedding reception. It’s just gauche and tacky to be seen doing something so pedestrian, so try to live up to the classy theme of your wedding. After the reception you can go home, light up a stogie and get wasted, if you so desire.

When inviting parents to your wedding, consider what time it will be held if they’re planning on bringing their kids. A night-time wedding with a reception that runs into the wee hours of the morning will not work well for children, so either move your ceremony to an earlier time or provide accommodation for children to have a nap during the reception.

Add some sentimental value to your wedding attire while saving money. Jewelry can be a very expensive addition to your wedding look. You might find some choice pieces that are hiding in a relative’s or friend’s jewelry box. These items can add unknown appeal and design effects to your dress that make you feel beautiful and instill warm feelings during your day.

If you are involving children in the ceremony, ensure that they are dressed comfortably. Select loose, soft, natural fabrics that allow children to move around without any discomfort. It’s important that any shoes they wear are comfortable, which means new shoes, will need to be broken in. If you pay attention to this, then the children will be able to put their attention on the part they’re playing in the wedding rather than worrying about their uncomfortable outfit.

Ask the parents of the flower girl and/or ring bearer to get the children to bed early the night before the ceremony or try to give them a nap during the day for an evening wedding. Well-rested children are much more attentive and carry a longer attention span for things than children who may be irritable from a lack of sleep.

If you have a limited wedding budget, fear not! Do not spend more than you can afford on a wedding. Making your own invitations, asking friends and family to pitch in, putting together your own favors, making your own floral arrangements, and picking a venue where you can combine the wedding ceremony and reception are all money-saving ideas.

If you would like to have a dramatic wedding, consider asking guests to wear hues of a certain color to your wedding. If you want to wear a dress that is not a traditional bride’s white, ask your guests to wear black and white. This way your unique bridal dress will pop in the crowd.

Have a budget. With weddings, it’s easy to overspend as soon as you start buying things. Make sure that you and your partner sit down and agree on how much you have to spend on the wedding. This way, you won’t go into debt over it and you’ll have something to stick to.

If you follow the above advice, it will not only help you prepare to make your wedding visions into reality, it will also help you practice organizing and planning in ways that will benefit you in your marriage. That’s a bonus that comes with putting in the effort to make your wedding wonderful. You learn lessons that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

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Modifying the Look of Your Blogger Web site

When you set up a fresh Blogger website, you can decide upon amongst 16 default varied templates, the majority of which have multiple particular idea variation you may select. I usually experimented with two or three of the default templates before I settled on a single that match the theme of my web site alright, when I first began running a blog. You can use 1 of the adhering to strategies to change your current template.
Choosing a New Blogger Default Template
Following you set up your website, you could choose that you will not like the template so a lot, or you might just want to give it a clean search. There are a couple of approaches you can change your free blog templates for blogger. The best way is to merely swap to 1 of the other default templates supplied by Blogger. You can change templates by likely to Format -> Pick New Template from your Blogger account dashboard. You can decide a new template as merely as you picked your preliminary 1. All the information photographs and posts, and video clips) you have presently put on your site will be retained. Blogger’s program separates the true info (your media and posts) presented on a blog from the way in which the info is introduced – your blog’s concept.
When you alter your template by choosing Choose New Template, Blogger’s technique is intelligent ample to maintain the gizmos you currently have set up. If you have included some gizmos using the Insert a Gadget hyperlink on the Format -> Website page Aspects page, those gadgets will be preserved in your new template design, for occasion. I will examine later a technique for shifting your template design that calls for a lot more warning.
Modifying Your Template’s XML Code
Another way that you can personalize your template is by enhancing the blog’s template file. You can entry the template file by likely to Structure -> Edit HTML. Blogger would almost certainly be far more exact naming the website link “Edit XML”, given that that is what you might be really modifying. What you may locate in the template file are some variable definitions, some CSS fashion definitions, and last but not least the human body of the weblog website page, which contains a bunch of XML tags that search one thing like this:
In get to efficiently edit your template past simply changing fonts and colours in the variable definition part, you’ll require to know (or be inclined to understand) some items about CSS and the Blogger XML schema. It will likely take some researching of the present XML setup and some experimenting to make the enhancements you’re searching for. You might want to maintain a backup duplicate of your previous doing work template so you never have to go again to function from the unique template file if you mess one thing up, as you make changes.
Setting up a Third-social gathering Blogger Template
The 3rd way to modify your blog’s topic is to download and install a Blogger template produced by a designer. There are numerous totally free Blogger templates obtainable for down load all over the Web.
To put in a third-social gathering Blogger template, preserve the template XML file to your laptop. Then, from the Format -> Edit HTML page, simply click Search…, and find the template file on your pc. Then simply click Open up to return to the Edit HTML webpage. Simply click Upload to upload the new template.
Something to keep in head if you are employing a 3rd-celebration weblog template is that if you have included devices to your blog (e.g. Followers, Labels and Poll and so forth.), you need to be cautious when employing a third-get together template to keep away from taking away individuals gizmos. install and obtain a template that isn’t going to assistance your custom made gizmos, they will be deleted when the new template is saved.
You will acquire the following information when you simply click the Add button if your new template does have gadget discrepancies.
Widgets are about to be deleted
Remember to verify that the adhering to widgets ought to be deleted. All the widgets’ configuration information will be lost.
If you proceed with uploading the new template, the warning concept will then listing these gizmos that will be deleted. To stay away from getting rid of your current devices, you may need to discover the XML tags that signify individuals devices in your recent template, and merge those tags into the template you want to upload. Performing so might be a tiny challenging. You may well be ready to get some assist from the unique template designer.
Each of these 3 approaches of shifting your existing themes has negatives and rewards. Hopefully this post has assisted you understand the concerns associated so you can make an informed determination. Satisfied blogging!

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Businesses Are Worrying That E-Cigarette Might Not Work

Electronic cigarettes are heralded as an expected savior for a tobacco industry distressed for new products and customers in the surface of a shrinking variety of smokers and punitive damages for example the $23.6 billion given by a Florida jury last week.

But it turns out that routine smokers prefer the real thing.

“There’s consumer discontent together with the merchandise, which results in elevated rates of rejection” said Vivian Azer, tobacco and drinks analyst at Cowen & Co. in New York. “Consumers will willingly attempt the merchandise, however they’re not filled.”

Really, U.S. sales of e cigs, which appear similar to a conventional cigarettes without the tax payoff, but use a battery to vaporize rather than combust the nicotine, have been falling for the previous several months.

Based on Nielsen convenience store data, electronic cigarette sales fell 17% in the period ending June 7. What is more, costs have been negative for six consecutive monthly intervals, driven by component declines of 2.8% and lower year-over-year net pricing of 14.2%.

Bonnie Herzog, a senior analyst at Wells Fargo & Co., said the fall in sales tells just part of the narrative.

“We consider the negative pricing tendencies could be as a result of increased penetration of kits that provide a lower cost/cartomizer.” The typical cost per unit was $5.64.

Cartomizers are disposable cartridges with atomizers. The thought is there is a brand-new atomizer in each cartomizer offering maximum vapor generation, based on a description in the web site of My Vapor Store, an on-line ecigarette superstore.

“Additionally, we consider the sales decrease is more reflective of volume going to vapors-tanks-mods, which have a tendency to be sold in non-tracked stations, particularly vape stores,” said Herzog. Vape stores are storefront locations which cater to the community that is vaping.

There are still many questions regarding the health consequences of electronic cigarettes In April The Food and Drug Administration declared a proposal to deem electronic cigarettes a “Tobacco Product” which means it may treat the e-electronic product the same as conventional smokes.

Lorillard Inc. LO, 0.46% commanded 42% of convenience store electronic cigarette sales marketplace with its Blu ecigarette merchandise before it was obtained by Reynolds American Inc. RAI, -0.97% last week. As portion of the amalgamation, Reynolds said it’s selling Blu to Imperial Tobacco IMT, -0.89% to stave off antitrust regulators as well as to promote its own electronic cigarette brand, VUSE.

Brand Logic is in second place in convenience store sales with a 25.5% share of sales and NJOY comes in third with a 10% share, according to Wells Fargo Securities Nielsen Convenience Store Info. The size of the vapor marketplace as a whole is $2.5 billion, with electronic cigarettes accounting for $1.4 billion of that total.

Tobacco firms are facing a large number of lawsuits from former smokers as well as the families of dead smokers in wrongful death suits.

Last week, a Florida jury told Reynolds., the country’s No. 2 cigarette maker, to pay $23.6 billion to the widow of a smoker who died of lung cancer. Legal experts anticipate that amount to be significantly scaled back, either by the judge on appeal, or in the case.

However, the case emphasizes the public continue to blame tobacco firms for the impact their products have on human well-being.

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Top Tips For Getting The Most From Commercial Real Estate

A person that is new to the realm of commercial real estate will need quite a lot of knowledge before getting started. One great way to learn is to seek a collection of excellent tips that provide a wealth of information on the concepts involved. Below is a compilation of suggestions that will help anyone interested in a successful commercial real estate venture achieve their goals.

To find the right commercial property, make sure you choose an optimal location. Choosing the right location could be the best way to ensure that those you wish to be your customers are able to see you clearly, access you easily, and find you even when they aren’t looking for you.

Even though your broker has all of the connections and the know-how, make sure that you find one that is still going to allow you to be in control. In the end, you are the one that is going to be dealing with the property, so you should have the most control over the situation.

You can use the cash-on-cash formula to determine the amount needed for the initial investment. This approach is most commonly used by investors who are dependent upon financing activities to raise the cash needed to purchase the property; use it to compare the Year One performance of competitive properties.

Be sure to do research on commercial lenders. You may be able to find a great deal somewhere you were not expecting. Also note you will be required to put up a hefty down payment. Keep in mind that if the deal falls through there typically will be no personal liability and commercial lenders may be lenient if you borrow a down payment from a different lender.

Learn to be adaptable in your search for good commercial real estate deals. Look through many sources to find what you need such as online classified ads and hire bird dogs to help you spot the best deals. Bird dogs are great finding you proper deals. Make sure to wait around for the deal that’s right for you.

If you flip homes, you should always attempt to buy when the market selling prices are at their lowest. Even if this means you will have multiple properties to work on at one time, you will quickly find that these homes will bring you a fantastic profit when the buying market significantly improves.

For a commercial property you plan to rent out apartments near uvu, make sure it is a solid construction with a simple design. Tenants will be eager to fill these spaces because it will be clear that they are well-maintained. Because these properties are in great condition, the property owners and the occupants will have a simpler time with basic maintenance service.

Well, hopefully the aforementioned collection of tips were enough to give you a great start on what to do and expect when it comes to buying or selling commercial real estate. Keep these tips in mind and you hone your skills and become successful at both buying and selling commercial property.

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